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Spencer Johnson (1940- )Spencer Johnson


American management expert (pictured right), famous for his huge best-seller, Who Moved My Cheese?


Key books


Who Moved My Cheese? (1998)


The book gives some tips on change management:


1. Anticipate and enjoy change.


2. Adapt to change quickly by:

  • learning from mistakes.
  • accepting new ideas and beliefs.
  • getting new skills.
  • overcoming your fears and weaknesses.

This message is told through a story about:

  • two mice sized people (Hem and Haw) learning from...
  • two mice (Sniff and Scurry)
  • their search for cheese (a metaphor for what makes you happy and successful).


Key quotes on change management

A change imposed is a change opposed.

 An organization can only change when enough people in it change.



 Spencer Johnson

The One Minute Manager (1982), written with Kenneth Blanchard (pictured right)

Effective managers:

  • feel good about themselves.
  • emphasize the quality of work done (not just the quantity).
  • achieve impressive results in a very short time.


Such great results come from:


1. One minute goal setting

Defining responsibilities and performance standards in less than 250 words.


2. One minute praisings

Praising people immediately, succinctly and specifically


3. One minute reprimands (encouragingly without malice)

People should be told immediately what the manager is doing and why.


Key quote on management

The best minute I spend is the one I invest in people.


 Key quote on quality

Quality is simply giving people the product or service they really want and need.

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