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Corporate Culture Quotes


Top 40 Corporate Culture Quotes

No 1 (Best quote!)Corporate Culture Quotes

Beliefs must always come before policies, practices and goals.

- Thomas Watson Jnr, boss of IBM, pictured right, in A Business and Its Beliefs (1963).



No 2Corporate Culture Quotes

Your spirit is the most powerful thing of all.

- Herb Kelleher (1931- ), founder of Southwest Airlines, pictured right.



No 3Corporate Culture Quotes

Action without philosophy is a lethal weapon; philosophy without action is worthless.

- Soichiro Honda (1906-91), co-founder of Honda, pictured right.



No 4Corporate Culture Quotes

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

- Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) American president, pictured right (repeating what Jesus said)



No 5Corporate Culture Quotes

The enterprise is a community of human beings. Its performance is the performance of human beings. And a human community must be founded on common beliefs, must symbolize its cohesion in common principles.

Peter Drucker, pictured right, in The Practice of Management (1954)



No 6Corporate Culture Quotes

Our strength is our unity of purpose

- Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), pictured right, American president. 




Corporate Culture Quotes

No 7

Great companies make meaning.

- Richard Pascale, pictured right. and Anthony Athos, pictured right below, in The Art of Japanese Management (1982).Corporate Culture Quotes




No 8Corporate Culture Quotes

Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values,

- the Dalai Lama (1935-), Tibetan leader, pictured right.

 Corporate Culture Quotes

Herb Kelleher (1931-), American boss of Southwest Airlines 1982-2001, pictured right agrees:

You can change your practices, not your principles.



No 9Corporate Culture Quotes

Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value

- the four key values of McDonald's created by its founder, Ray Kroc, pictured right.



No 10Corporate Culture Quotes

There is not one ‘right’ or ‘best’ culture for an organization – only the appropriate culture for a business environment.

- Rob Goffee, pictured right. and Gareth Jones, pictured right below, in The Character of a Corporation (1998), pictured right.Corporate Culture Quotes



No 11Corporate Culture Quotes

The ones I’m talking about belong to it.

- William H. Whyte, pictured right. (talking about what he called the “organization man”) in his book The Organization Man (1956)



Corporate Culture Quotes

No 12

The best firms link their purposes and ways of realizing them to human values as well as to economic measures like profit and efficiency

- Richard Pascale, pictured right above, and Anthony Athos, pictured right, in The Art of Japanese Corporate Culture QuotesManagement (1982)




No 13Corporate Culture Quotes

Much of the trouble in organizations comes from the attempt to go on doing things as they used to be done, from a reluctance to change the culture when it needs to be changed.

- Charles Handy, pictured right, in The Gods of Management (1985)



Corporate Culture Quotes

No 14

Cultures can be very stable over time, but they are never static... New challenges can lead to the creation of new ways of doing things.

- James Heskett, pictured right, and John Kotter, pictured right below, in Corporate Corporate Culture QuotesCulture and Performance (1992)




No 15Corporate Culture Quotes

Culture is the way in which a group of people solves problems and reconciles dilemmas.

- Fons Trompenaars, pictured right, and Charles Hampden-Turner, pictured right below, in Riding the Waves of Culture (2nd edition, 1997).

Corporate Culture Quotes 



No 16Corporate Culture Quotes

Love, friendship, respect do not unite people as much as common hatred for something.

- Anton Chekhov (1860–1904) Russian writer, pictured right.



No 17Corporate Culture Quotes

If you look at our company culture, we’ve always had a customer obsession, and we’ve always been pioneering.

Jeff Bezos (1964- ), founder of Amazon, pictured right.



No 18Corporate Culture Quotes

The way we do things around here [definition of corporate culture].

- Marvin Bower, boss of the American management consultants, McKinsey 1950-67, pictured right.



No 19Corporate Culture Quotes

We must, indeed, hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately

(at the signing of the American Declaration of Independence,1776).

- Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) American politician, and inventor, pictured right.



No 20Corporate Culture Quotes

Human beings have an inalienable right to invent themselves; when that right is pre-empted it is called brain-washing.

- Germaine Greer (1939- ), Australian feminist, pictured right.



No 21Corporate Culture Quotes

Nothing kills your company’s culture like layoffs.

- Herb Kelleher (1931- ), founder of Southwest Airlines, pictured right.



No 22Corporate Culture Quotes

I chose four key words as my guiding principles: Inspire, Innovate, Ignite, Integrity.

- Jo Malone, English fragrance entrepreneur, pictured right.



No 23Corporate Culture Quotes

Don't fight a battle,if you don't gain anything by winning.

- Erwin Rommel (1891-1945), German World War Two general, pictured right.



No 24Corporate Culture Quotes

All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those that it is addressed to.

- Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), pictured right, German dictator.



Corporate Culture Quotes

No 25

I have no point of view! Supposing the company thinks...I think so too!

- Frank Loesser (1910-69), pictured right, in the 1961 song Company Way.



No 26Corporate Culture Quotes

Strong values underpin successful businesses.

- Terry Leahy (1956-), chief executive of the British supermarket chain, Tesco, 1997-2011, pictured right.



No 27Corporate Culture Quotes

Moderation in principle is always a vice,

- Thomas (Tom) Paine (1737-1809), English philosopher, pictured right.



No 28Corporate Culture Quotes

People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive.

- Blaise Pascal (1623-62), French mathematician, physicist and philosopher, pictured right.



No 29Corporate Culture Quotes

At the core of all well founded belief lies belief that is unfounded.

- Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), Austrian-born British philosopher, pictured right.



No 30Corporate Culture Quotes

Tolerance is the first principle of community.

- Helen Keller (1880-1968), American campaigner for the disabled, pictured right.



No 31Corporate Culture Quotes

You become what you believe.

Oprah Winfrey (1954-), African American chat show host, pictured right.



No 32Corporate Culture Quotes

Obedience to a code of conduct based upon the teaching of the wise mind is the only foundation of success.

- John Ruskin (1819-1900), English artist and philosopher, pictured right.

 Corporate Culture Quotes


No 33

Isn’t everybody a part of everybody else?,

- Edie Doyle (Eva Marie Saint in the 1954 film, On the Waterfront), pictured right above).

 Corporate Culture Quotes


No 34

The crucial variable is not the content of a company’s ideology, but how deeply it believes its ideology and how consistently it lives, breathes, and expresses it in all that it does.

- Jim Collins, pictured right above, and Jerry Porras, pictured right below, Built to Last (1994).Corporate Culture Quotes




No 35 Corporate Culture Quotes

Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game – it is the game.

- Lou Gerstner, pictured right, Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance (2002).



No 36Corporate Culture Quotes

Inappropriate cultures lead to unhappiness and inefficiency.

- Charles Handy, pictured right. The Gods of Management (1985).


Corporate Culture Quotes


No 37

The excellent companies live their commitment to people.

- Tom Peters, pictured right below, and Robert Waterman, pictured right, In Search of Excellence (1982)Corporate Culture Quotes



No 38Corporate Culture Quotes

There are two forces that unite men – fear and interest.

- Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), French leader, pictured right.



No 39Corporate Culture Quotes

Culture is activity of thought and receptiveness to beauty and humane feeling.

- Alfred North Whitehead (1861- 1947), English philosopher, pictured right.



No 40Corporate Culture Quotes

United we stand, divided we fall.

- Patrick Henry (1736-99), American politician, pictured right.

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