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Interviewing and Selection Quotes


Top 15 Interviewing and Selection Quotes


No 1 (Best quote!)Interviewing and Selection Quotes

In looking for people to hire you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.

- Warren Buffett (1930- ), American share investor, pictured right.


Buffett also comments:

Pick out associates whose behaviour is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.,



No 2Internet and Computers Quotes

I like to hire people who have made mistakes. It shows they take risks.

- Bill Gates (1955- ), co-founder of Microsoft, pictured right.



No 3Interviewing and Selection Quotes

Do not hire a man who does your work for money but him who does it for love of it.

- Henry David Thoreau (1817-62), American philosopher, pictured right.



No 4Interviewing and Selection Quotes

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.

- Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) Italian philosopher, pictured right.



No 5Interviewing and Selection Quotes

In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.

- Laurence J. Peter (1919–90), Canadian writer, pictured right, (known as The Peter Principle)



No 6Interviewing and Selection Quotes

 I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person.

- Jeff Bezos (1964- ), founder of Amazon.com, pictured right.



No 7Interviewing and Selection Quotes

Always remember that you often find outstanding people among those you don’t like.

- Soichiro Honda (1906-91), co-founder of Honda, pictured right.



No 8Interviewing and Selection Quotes

Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk.

- J.C. Penney (1875-1971), pictured right, co-founder of the American department store, J.C. Penney



No 9Interviewing and Selection Quotes

A soundbite...is all that an interviewer allows you to say.

- Tony Benn (1925-2014), British politician, pictured right.



No 10Interviewing and Selection Quotes

 Better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in.

- Lyndon Johnson (1908-73), American president, pictured right, talking about the FBI chief, J. Edgar Hoover.



No 11Internet and Computers Quotes

You can't know enough in a one-hour interview. So, in the end, it's ultimately based on your gut. How do I feel about this person? What are they like when they're challenged? Why are they here?,

- Steve Jobs (1955-2011), co-founder of Apple, pictured right . 



No 12Interviewing and Selection Quotes

You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb,

- Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), pictured right, American businessman.



No 13Internet and Computers Quotes

Getting the right people in the right jobs is a lot more important than developing a strategy.

- Jack Welch (1935-), American boss of General Electric (GE) 1981-2001, pictured right



No 14Interviewing and Selection Quotes

Whoever does a thing best ought to be the one to do it.

- Henry Ford in My Life and Work (1922), pictured right



No 15Interviewing and Selection Quotes

Character is higher than intellect.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82), American philosopher, pictured right.


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