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Art - Success


Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World (1948)

The conquest of life’s problems through:

  • determined willpower.
  • the triumph of the human spirit.

A woman in her 50’s (the American Christina Olson)

  • overcomes her physical disability (parlaysis from the waist down).
  • slowly crawls towards the farmhouse.

 Art - Success



George Bellows, Dempsey and Firpo (1924) 

The Argentinian boxer, Luis Firpo, knocking down the American, Jack Dempsey, in their 1923 world heavyweight boxing match

Dempsey went on to win.

Art - Success


J. Howard Miller, We Can Do It! (1942) 

A World War Two poster to boost worker morale.

 Art - Success



John Singleton Copley, Watson and the Shark (1778)

This shows that life can sometimes be on a knife edge between

  • survival and
  • success

The 14-year-old Brook Watson:

  • survived the shark attack in Havana harbour in 1749.
  • eventually became Lord Mayor of London.

 Art - Success



Winslow Homer, The Life Line (1884)

This sea rescue shows:

  • the struggles of life.
  • how easily success can turn into failure.

 Art - Success



Piero della Francesca, The Resurrection (c1460) 

This shows:

  • the resurrected Jesus triumphing over the sleeping soldiers.
  • how you can transform your life with or without religion.

The favourite painting of the management writer, Charles Handy

Art - Success


Edgar Degas, The Dance Class (1875) 

These young ballerinas at the Paris Opera show that success requires:

  • practice.
  • constant learning.

Art - Success

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