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Deepak Chopra (1947- )Deepak Chopra


Indian-born American best-selling author of self-help books (pictured right).


Key books


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (1996)


Seven laws make you happy and successful:


1. The Law of Pure Potentiality

Reflect in silence and observe the world and its opportunities without judgement.


2. The Law of Giving

Give generously and receive gratefully.


3. The Law of Karma

Be fully aware of the consequences of your decisions on yourself and others.


4. The Law of Least Effect

Accept your problems and take responsibility for solving them.


5. The Law of Intention and Desire

Reflect on your desires and accept the ones you can’t satisfy.


6. The Law of Detachment

  • allow yourself and others to be themselves.
  • let solutions emerge in the face of uncertainty.
  • see life as full of exciting opportunities.  


7. The Law of Dharma

Use your unique talents to help others.


Key quote on happiness

By expressing your unique talents and fulfilling the needs of your fellow humans, you begin to create whatever you want.



The Soul of Leadership (2010)


Successful leaders do seven things (spelling LEADERS)


L – look and listen.


E – emotional bonding with followers.


A – awareness of the needs of every situation, so they can be satisfied.


D - doing (delivering results).


E – empowerment (inspiring people to fulfil their potential and achieve the leader’s vision)


R – responsibility (accepting responsibility for people’s physical and spiritual welfare).


S – synchronicity (simultaneously satisfying the souls of the leader and his, or her, followers).


Key quotes on leadership

As you unfold your potential for greatness, you unfold the same potential in others.

Leaders exist to embody the values that followers hunger for, while followers fuel the leader’s vision from within themselves


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