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Daniel Goleman (1946- )Daniel Goleman


American management expert famous for emotional intelligence (top picture right).

He borrowed the term from its originators, American psychology professors:

  • Peter Salovey (middle picture below). 
  • John Mayer (bottom picture below),  .



Daniel Salovey

Key books


Emotional Intelligence (1996)

(see for more detail Emotional Intelligence in the Business Books section)Daniel Goleman


“Emotional intelligence” (EQ) is more important to personal and professional success than IQ which accounts for only 20 per cent of personal effectiveness.

The rest is heavily influenced by EQ that is concerned with how you feel and relate to others – in particular:


1. Knowing your emotions

Awareness of your feelings, self-knowledge and self-confidence.


2. Managing emotions

  • self-control and calming yourself
  • adaptability to change.
  • openness to new ideas.
  • overcoming anxiety, depression and irritability.


3. Self-motivation

Using emotions like passion, confidence, hope and optimism to achieve your goals.


4. Recognizing emotions in others

Empathy, altruism and compassion.


5. Handling relationships

  • expressing your feelings.
  • calming distressed people.
  • being a good listener and question asker.
  • understanding people’s feelings.
  • resolving conflict (including negotiating compromise).


EQ can be learned and is not in conflict with IQ, so that bright people are no more emotionally handicapped than anybody else.

EQ is so important that it must be taught at school.


Key quotes on emotional intelligence

Academic intelligence offers virtually no preparation for the turmoil - or opportunity - life’s vicissitudes bring.

Childhood and adolescence are critical for setting down the essential emotional habits that will govern our lives.


Key quote on health

Compassion is good medicine.


Key quote on education

Educate the whole student, bring together mind and heart in the classroom.


Key quote on business success

To thrive, if not survive, corporations would do well to boost their collective emotional intelligence.



Working with Emotional Intelligence (1998)

Emotional intelligence is the main cause of career success.


Key quote (Goleman’s definition of emotional intelligence)

The capacity for managing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships,


 Daniel Goleman

Primal Leadership (2002), written with Richard Boyatzis (pictured right) and Annie McGee (pictured right below)

“Primal leadership” is best in which leaders inspire and motivate people through their emotional intelligence and positive thinking.

This is particularly true in times of change and uncertainty.Daniel Goleman


Key quote on leadership

The fundamental task of leaders... is to prime good feeling in those they lead.  


Social Intelligence (2006)

Social intelligence (being good with others) is vitally important, closely related to emotional intelligence and based on selfless empathy and compassion.

If you’re good with other people, it encourages them to do the same.


Key quote on relationships

Self-absorption in all its forms kills empathy, let alone compassion.

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