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David Beckham - Money and SuccessDavid Beckham - Money and Success


David Beckham (1975- )


English footballer (pictured right) who had a great career with Manchester United and England.

Married to ex-“Posh” Spice Girl, Victoria, with their sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and daughter, Harper Seven.


Why is he successful and rich?

 David Beckham - Money and Success

1. Modern icon

Beckham (pictured right in 2012):

  • is a worldwide style icon and role model.
  • likes the responsibility of children looking up to him.

“Whatever people say, I’ve always tried to do the right thing”, he says.


2. Naughty but nice

His faults (alleged affairs, send-offs and temper tantrums) make him look more human.

But, most of all, people like him, because he’s a nice guy.David Beckham - Money and Success

Beckham is

  • polite, punctual and humble - he hasn't let fame go to his head.
  • loyal and loving to his family (pictured right) and friends.
  • true to himself and his principles.
  • a great worker for charity 

When he joined the French club in 2013, Paris Saint-Germain, he gave his five month salary to a local children's charity


3. Great footballer and learner

Natural talent and lots of hard work made him one of the world’s best footballers.

He always:

  • wants to improve.  David Beckham - Money and Success
  • is prepared to listen to other people’s advice.

Apart from his Dad, the biggest influences on his career were at Manchester United:

  • Eric Harrison (the youth team coach).
  • Alex Ferguson (the manager, pictured right together when Beckham was a young boy) despite their famous argument when Ferguson accidentally kicked a boot at Beckham and cut his eye.

 David Beckham - Money and Success

4. Captain Fantastic

He led England (pictured right) by example through:

  • playing his heart out.
  • encouraging his teammates
  • taking difficult decisions (like taking the penalty against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup).


5. Challenge

He loves giving himself challenging objectives that push him to make the most of his ability.

 David Beckham - Money and Success

6. Posh and Becks

David and Victoria (pictured right in 2007) are great friends and love each other and their children to bits.

Marriage isn’t easy, if you’re constantly bothered by

  • reporters and photographers.
  • kidnap threats (in 2002 five people were arrested for planning to kidnap Victoria, Brooklyn and Romeo for a £5 million ransom).

Victoria gives a big boost to his global image.


7. Determination and support

Beckham had to overcome many problems and disappointments:

  • his Mum and Dad’s divorce (with the guilt he might have contributed to it).
  • constant media harassment and family threats (see point 6).
  • football defeats (particularly England’s defeat in the 2002 World Cup).


Key quote on learning

I still look at myself and want to improve.


Key quote on ethics

Whatever people say, I’ve always tried to do the right thing.


Key quote on marriage and family

My marriage and my family are precious to me. So precious I don’t know what life would be without them.

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