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Pythagoras - Philosophy and LearningPythagorus - Philosophy and Learning


Pythagoras (c.570-495 BC)


Greek philosopher (pictured right) and mathematician famous for his theorem about the sides of right-angled triangles (see point one below).



What did he teach us about learning and thinking?


1. Mighty mathematicsPythagorus - Philosophy and Learning

The whole world is governed by mathematical rules.

His most famous rule is,of course, that in a right-angled triangle the square of the hypotenus equals the sum of the squares of the other two sides (called Pythagoras' Theorem).

“Number rules the universe”, Pythagoras said.


2. Reason is immortal

Eternal truths come from intellectual analysis based on:Pythagorus - Philosophy and Learning

  • abstract thinking (superior to what our senses tell us).
  • deductive reasoning (see point 3).


3. Deductive reasoning

Pythagoras was the first person to recognize the power of deduction.

For example, if A is true, B is true, and, if B is true, C is true and so on.

 Pythagorus - Philosophy and Learning

4. Love and be good

The most important struggle in life is in your soul - the constant battle between good and evil.

To win this battle:

  • love others (but remember that self-respect should be your first priority).
  • make friends of your enemies. Pythagorus - Philosophy and Learning
  • don't act or speak out of anger.
  • be self-disciplined (the best way to be good).


Key quote on decision making

Choices are the hinges of destiny


Key quote on love

Friends share all things.


Key quote on mathematics

Number rules the universe


Key quote on communication

The oldest, shortest words— 'yes' and 'no'— are those which require the most thought


Key quote on peace of mind

Respect yourself above all


Key quote on core competencies

Attempt nothing above your strength!


Key quote on time management

The best and greatest winning is a true friend; and the greatest loss is the loss of time


Key quote on stress and pain

It is better to suffer, than to do wrong

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