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Art - Work and Wealth


William Frith, The Crossing Sweeper (1858)

The meeting of the boy beggar and the lady shows the huge gap between the rich and poor in Victorian Britain.

Art - Work and Wealth




Ford Madox Brown, Work (1863)

This shows the different social classes in Hampstead, North London, including the:

  • manual labourers who are doing the work (centre).
  • rich man and his daughter on horseback who have no need to work (centre background)
  • two intellectuals (on the right), thinking about how hard other people are working!

 Art - Work and Wealth



Jean-Franҫois Millet, The Gleaners (1857) 

Shows the poverty of three peasant women forced to glean (or scrounge) grains of wheat after the harvest.

Art - Work and Wealth 


Raphael Soyer, Office Girls (1936) 

Alienated office workers lonely in a crowd:

Art - Work and Wealth 



John Ferguson Weir, Forging the Shaft (1874–77) 

Workers toiling in an American steel factory.

 Art - Work and Wealth



John Neagle, Pat Lyon at the Forge (1827) 

A proud American blacksmith at work - the first known portrait of a working man:

 Art - Work and Wealth



Stanley Spencer, Shipbuilding on the Clyde (1941) 

Conscientious shipbuilding workers in Port Glasgow, Scotland, contributing to the British war effort.

 Art - Work and Wealth


George Bellows, New York (1911)

People at work and play in the American city.

Art - Work and Wealth

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