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Peter Honey and Alan MumfordPeter Honey

Britons Honey (pictured right) and Mumford are experts on organizational learning whose ideas have been widely applied in business, particularly in Britain.



Key books

The Manual of Learning Styles (1982)

Honey and Mumford define four stages of learning, based upon  the American, David Kolb’s, work on experiential learning (learning from experience):

  • Having an experience.
  • Evaluating the experience.
  • Drawing lessons from the experience.
  • Applying the lessons to future experiences.


These stages are interlinked in a learning cycle:

 Peter Honey and Alan Mumford

There are four different ways that people learn (or learning styles):


1. Activist

People who learn by doing and trial and error.


2. Theorist

People who like to understand the theory behind their learning.


3. Pragmatist

People who like to see how their learning can be put into practice.


4. Reflector

People who learn by absorbing and thinking about given information.


Honey and Mumford devised a questionnaire to discover your learning style.  

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