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David (Dave) Ulrich (1953- )David Ulrich


American professor and leading expert in human resource management (pictured right).


Key book

Human Resource Champions (1997)


Committed employees are essential to an organization’s success because they create happy and loyal customers.


This is particularly true because of:

  • change (in technology, products and markets).
  • globalization (leading to intense global competition).
  • the need for sales growth as well as cost reduction.


To deliver results through people, human resource (HR) professionals must be a business partner by adopting four roles:


1. Strategic partner

Making HR strategy consistent with the organization’s customer driven strategy.


2. Administrative expert

Helping to radically improve the organization’s processes like production.


3. Employee champion

  • listening to employees.
  • responding to their needs.


4. Change agent

Helping to create fundamental and enduring change.


There may be conflicts in these roles (e.g. the need for both stability and change) but they can be overcome if employees and management accept that HR professionals can represent the interests of them both.


Key quote on human resource management

HR professionals must become partners, players and pioneers.


Key quote on the service profit chain

Employee attitude correlates highly with customer attitude.

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