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Art - Ethics


William Holman Hunt, The Awakening Conscience (1853)

A mistress realizes the error of her ways...

Art - Ethics


Théodore Géricault, Portrait of a Woman Suffering from Obsessive Envy (c. 1822)

An old woman with the evil of envy:

 Art - Ethics



Eugène Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People (1830)


This shows the successful people's revolt against Charles X of France in 1830

The flag bearing woman signifies liberty.

 Art - Ethics



Giovanni Bellini, The Agony in the Garden (c1465)

This shows the anguish of making the right decision - in this case Jesus's decision to be arrested and crucified in the Garden of Gethsemane without the support of his sleeping disciples. 


 Art - Ethics



Gerrit van Honthorst, Christ Before the High Priest (c1617) 

Jesus being questioned by a high priest after his arrest that led to his crucifixion.

Art - Ethics






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