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Lynda Gratton (1955- )Lynda Gratton


London Business School professor (pictured right) whose work aims to make organizations more humane and employee friendly.


Key books

Living Strategy (2000)

(see for more detail Living Strategy in the Business Books section)


Successful organizations base their strategy and purpose upon the needs of their employees, because identification with the organization’s aims and vision, trust and commitment are vital.

Maximizing people’s potential (and so profit) requires:


1. Planning

Visualizing an ideal future and planning how to get there.


2. Shared meaning

People are united and inspired by common purpose and values.

They work hard and effectively because they believe in the organization.


3. Soul

Great work comes from creative and spiritual fulfilment.


Key quote on human resource management

Companies that will flourish in this decade will do so because they are able to provide meaning and purpose.




The Democratic Enterprise (2004)

A “democratic enterprise” achieves success through employees who are fulfilled, more adaptable to change and highly motivated because of six principles:


1. Treating people as mature adults.


2. Seeing people as “investors” in their own personal development.


3. Recognizing people’s right to freedom of expression and their development as unique human beings.


4. Involving people in decision making.


5. Giving liberty to someone mustn’t harm somebody else’s.


6. People accepting responsibilities to themselves, colleagues and the organization.


Key quote

Where individual benefits are not at the expense of the organization and... organizational benefits are not at the expense of the individual (describing a democratic enterprise).



Hot Spots (2007)

A “Hot Spot” is a group of people (company, team, department etc) that achieves excellence and innovation through a shared passion, energy, curiosity, exchange of ideas and excitement about new knowledge and learning.

To create a “Hot Spot” you need:


1. Co-operative mindset 

Mutual trust and support.


2. Boundary spanning

People from different parts of the organization working together to share different skills and knowledge.


3. Igniting purpose

Inspirational aims.


4. Productive capacity

Effectively managing group performance by:

  • appreciating talent.
  • conflict resolution.
  • time management.
  • making and keeping commitments.


Key quote on innovation

The energy in Hot Spots can fuel innovation.

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