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Competitive Advantage Quotes


Top 20 Competitive Advantage Quotes

 Competitive Advantage Quotes

No 1 (Best quote!)

Discover your difference...and make the most of it,

- Howard Gardner, pictured right, in Extraordinary Minds,1997.


Competitive Advantage Quotes


No 2

In a competitive industry, the key to competitive advantage is product differentiation.

- Philip Kotler, pictured right above, in Marketing Management ninth edition, 1997Competitive Advantage Quotes


So Tom Peters (1942- ), management writer, pictured right, says:

If you’re not distinct, you’re extinct.Competitive Advantage Quotes


Gary Hamel ,pictured right, and CK Prahalad, pictured right below, similarly say in Competing for the Future (1996):

A company surrenders tomorrow’s businesses when it gets better without getting different.Competitive Advantage Quotes





No 3Competitive Advantage Quotes

Always to be best, and to be distinguished above the rest.

- Homer (800-701 BC), Greek poet, pictured right.




No 4Business Success Quotes

In our business there are the quick and the dead.

- Andrew Grove (1936- ) , pictured right, American boss of Intel 1987-98

 Competitive Advantage Quotes

So Alvin Toffler , pictured right.says in Future Shock (1970)

Today change is so swift... that yesterday’s truths suddenly become today’s fictions.



No 5Competitive Advantage Quotes

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

- Jack Welch, American boss of General Electric 1981-2001, pictured right.

 Competitive Advantage Quotes

Welch also believes that competitive advantage requires facing reality, summed up by the Danish philosopher, pictured right, Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55) as:

Face the facts of being what you are, for that is what changes what you are.



No 6Competitive Advantage Quotes

Corporate success derives from a competitive advantage which is based on distinctive capabilities

- John Kay, pictured right, Foundations of Corporate Success (1993)


In the same book Kay says that these distinctive capabilities (that Hamel and Prahalad call core competencies) are based on relationships with key stakeholders:

Competitive advantage...is most often derived from the unique character of a firm’s relationships with its suppliers, customers, or employees



Competitive Advantage Quotes

No 7

Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.

- Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the film Wall Street (1987), pictured right.


Competitive Advantage Quotes



No 8

Somewhere in the elusive concept of corporate character – culture, if you will – lies a main source of sustainable competitive advantage.Competitive Advantage Quotes

- Rob Goffee (pictured right above) and Gareth Jones (pictured right) in The Character of a Corporation (1998)




No 9Competitive Advantage Quotes

Satisfied customers and motivated employees are the key to competitive success,

- Percy Barnevik, boss of the Swedish engineering company, ABB, 1988-96, pictured right.


Two management thinkers agree:

 Competitive Advantage Quotes

People and how we manage them are becoming more important because many other sources of competitive success are less powerful than they once were.

- Jeffrey Pfeffer, pictured right, in Competitive Advantage Through People (1994),

 Competitive Advantage Quotes

It is only people who can sustain the competitive advantage of a company.

-Lynda Gratton, pictured right, in Living Strategy (2000)



No 10Competitive Advantage Quotes

Reengineering is the fundamental re-thinking and radical re-design of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service and speed

- Michael Hammer, pictured right. and James Champy, pictured right below, in Reengineering the Corporation (1993)Competitive Advantage Quotes



No 11

Competitive advantage grows fundamentally out of value a firm is able to create for its buyers that exceeds the firm’s cost of creating it.Competitive Advantage Quotes

- Michael Porter, pictured right, in Competitive Advantage (1985)


Porter also said in the Competitive Advantage of Nations (1990):

Companies achieve competitive advantage through acts of innovation. They approach innovation in its broadest sense, including new technologies and new ways of doing things.

 Competitive Advantage Quotes

Gary Hamel (1954- ), pictured right, American management writer, says similarly:

Radical innovation is the competitive advantage for the new millennium,



No 12Competitive Advantage Quotes

Information and knowledge are the thermonuclear competitive weapons of our time. 

- Thomas Stewart , pictured right, in Intellectual Capital (1997)



No 13Competitive Advantage Quotes

If you don’t have competitive advantage, don’t compete,

- Jack Welch, American boss of General Electric (1981-2001), pictured right.



No 14Competitive Advantage Quotes

To remain static is to lose ground. 

- David Packard (1912-96), co- founder of Hewlett-Packard, pictured right.



No 15Competitive Advantage Quotes

There are no gains without pains. 

- Adlai Stevenson (1900-65) American politician, pictured right.

 Competitive Advantage Quotes

The African American civil rights campaigner Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) , pictured right.puts it this way:

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.



Competitive Advantage Quotes

No 16

Change before you have to. 

- Jack Welch (1935- ), American boss of General Electric 1981-2001, pictured right.

 Competitive Advantage Quotes


No 17

A truly great company willingly abandons practices that have long worked well in the hope and expectation of coming up with something better. Competitive Advantage Quotes

- Michael Hammer (pictured right above) and James Champy (pictured right) Reengineering the Corporation (1993)




No 18Competitive Advantage Quotes

In the struggle for survival, the fittest win at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves to their environment. 

- Charles Darwin (1809-1882) English naturalist, pictured right.



No 19Competitive Advantage Quotes

There can be no progress if people have no faith in tomorrow.

- John F. Kennedy (1917-63), pictured right, American president.



No 20Competitive Advantage Quotes

A clever fighter is one who not only wins but excels in winning with ease. 

- Sun Tzu (c. 544-c.496 BC), Chinese general, pictured right.






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