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Richard Schonberger (1937- )Richard Schonberger


American quality expert (pictured right).


Key books

Japanese Management Techniques (1982)


Total quality management and just-in-time are essential to an organization’s success.


Quality requires:

  • a customer responsive, simple production system.
  • a “habit of improvement” for the whole organization and individual employees .



World Class Manufacturing (1986)


World class manufacturing depends on:


1. Customer responsiveness

  • knowing customers’ needs.
  • quickly responding to them through quicker, more flexible production and faster delivery times.


2. Cellular manufacturing

Using multi-functional, self-managing teams.


3. Simplicity - through:

  • easy, error free manufacturing.
  • simple, cheap, movable equipment.
  • fewer suppliers.
  • better organization and layout.
  • a reduction in part numbers.


4. Total quality management - including

  • universal responsibility for quality.
  • continual and rapid improvement.
  • just-in-time supplies and customer delivery.


5. Continual cost reduction - including:

  • total preventive maintenance (to reduce maintenance costs).
  • gradual automation (but only as a last resort).


6. People policies

  • multi-skills training.
  • employee involvement in decision making (particularly on the factory floor).


Key quote on production

A world-class manufacturer is one that fulfils the customer’s demands for high quality, low cost, short lead times, and flexibility.

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