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Art - Leadership


Caravaggio, The Calling of St. Matthew (1600) 

Jesus (second from the right) shows his moral authority by persuading the tax collector, Matthew (third from the left with the beard, or at the end with head bowed), to become one of his disciples.

 Art - Leadership




 Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon Crossing the Alps (1800) 

David’s portrait shows Napoleon’s charismatic leadership.

Art - Leadership



George Healy, Abraham Lincoln (1869) 

This shows the American president's ability to listen and reflect on other people's ideas:

Art - Leadership



John Singer Sargent, Theodore Roosevelt (1903) 

Shows the American president's physical vitality, self-assurance and possible arrogance:

Art - Leadership


Alfred Egerton Cooper, Winston Churchill (1942) 

This shows the British leader’s:

a) humanity.

b) quiet resolve.

Art - Leadership



Hans Holbein, Henry VIII (c1540-7)

Shows his ruthlessness and arrogant self-confidence...

Art - Leadership



Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851)

George Washington is invincibly resolute crossing the Delaware river in 1776 during the American War of Independence:

Art - Leadership


Joseph Wright, Sir Richard Arkwright (1789-90)

Shows the satisfaction and confidence that comes from successful leadership - Arkwright was a leading entrepreneur and mill owner of Britain's Industrial Revolution.

Art - Leadership



Anthony Van Dyck, Charles I in Three Positions (1635)

Shows the English king's self-assurance and unhappiness from the responsibility of leadership - he was eventually executed after his defeat in the English Civil War:

Art - Leadership


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