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Service-Profit Chain Quotes


Top 15 Service-Profit Chain Quotes


No 1 (Best quote!)Service Profit Chain Quotes

We know that, if we treat our employees correctly, they’ll treat the customers right,

- John Willard Marriott (1900-85) founder of America’s Marriott hotels, pictured right.



No 2Service Profit Chain Quotes

We built the Starbucks brand with our people, not with our consumers. Because we believed the best way to meet and exceed expectations was to hire and train great people, we invested in employees,

(explaining the company’s Employee-First policy).

- Howard Schultz (1953- ), founder and boss of Starbucks, pictured right.  



No 3Service Profit Chain Quotes

It makes no sense to promise excellent service before the company’s staff is ready to provide excellent service,

- Philip Kotler, pictured right, in Marketing Management ,ninth edition, 1997



No 4


(company motto saying that great employees lead to better customer service and higher profits)

- FedEx, American delivery company.



No 5Service Profit Chain Quotes

If you start off with a happy, well motivated workforce, you’re much more likely to have happy customers

- Richard Branson (1950- ), pictured right, founder of the British company, Virgin.



No 6Service Profit Chain Quotes

Don’t ever doubt in the customer service business the importance of people and their attitudes.

- Herb Kelleher (1931- ), co- founder of America’s Southwest Airlines, pictured right.



No 7Service Profit Chain Quotes

Treat customers like guests and employees like people.

- Tom Peters (1942- ) , American management writer,, pictured right.



No 8Service Profit Chain Quotes

The customer comes second: put your people first and watch 'em kick butt.

(title of a 2002 book)

- Hal Rosenbluth (former boss of the American travel company, Rosenbluth International, pictured right) and Diane McFerrin Peters.



No 9Service Profit Chain Quotes

Putting people first has always been America's secret weapon. It's the way we've kept the spirit of our revolutions alive - a spirit that drives us to dream and dare, and take great risks for a greater good.

- Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), American president, pictured right.


Service Profit Chain Quotes



No 10

What employees hear is that they’re the firm’s most valuable assets, what they know is that they’re the most expendable assets.Service Profit Chain Quotes

- Gary Hamel, pictured right above, and C.K. Prahalad, pictured right, in Competing for the Future (1996)



No 11Service Profit Chain Quotes

The folks on the front lines – the ones who actually talk to the customer – are the only ones who know what’s going on out there.

- Sam Walton (1918-1992), founder of America’s Wal-Mart stores, pictured right.



No 12Service Profit Chain Quotes

Who knows best what the customer wants? Of course, those who work in the front line closest to the market. Consequently, it is those people who should have maximum influence on how we shape our products, and the greatest amount of responsibility and authority should be pushed their way,

(from his 1989 book, Moments of Truth)

- Jan Carlzon (1941- ), pictured right, Swedish boss of Scandinavian Airlines 1981-94.



No 13

Human Resource Management QuotesI believe the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can very often be traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people. 

- Thomas Watson Jnr, pictured right, in  A Business and Its Beliefs (1963)



No 14

Human Resource Management QuotesBusiness is people. 

- Konosuke Matsushita (1894-1989), founder of Panasonic, pictured right.



No 15Service Profit Chain Quotes

Profit...must be the result of service.

- Henry Ford, pictured right, in My Life and Work (1922)

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