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Art - Workers and Unions


Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, The Fourth Estate (1901)

This shows the plight of some striking workers and their families:

Art - Workers and Unions


Hubert von Herkomer, On Strike (1891) 

A determined striker with:

  • his supportive (but exhausted) wife 
  • their children.

 Art - Work and Wealth




William Gropper, Youngstown Strike (c1937) 

Shows the 1916 strike at the Youngstown Steel and Tubes factory in America, when three strikers were killed by police.

Art - Workers and Unions


Joe Jones, We Demand (1934) 

Workers protesting for their rights during the Great Depression.

Art - Workers and Unions


Isaac Soyer, Employment Agency (1937) 

Four dispirited Americans in the Great Depression looking for work.

Art - Workers and Unions



Thomas Anshutz, The Ironworkers' Noontime (1880) 

Tired workers taking a break at a nail factory in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA:

 Art - Workers and Unions


John French Sloan, The Masses (1914) 

The cover of the Masses magazine showing the Ludlow Massacre (in Colorado, America), when five men, two women and 12 children were shot dead during a miners' strike.

 Art - Workers and Unions



William Gropper, Automobile Industry (1941) 

Car assembly line workers in Detroit, USA.

 Art - Workers and Unions


Edvard Munch, Workers Returning Home (1915) 

Tired workers leave their factory after a hard day's work:

 Art - Workers and Unions


George Bellows, Men of the Docks (1912)

The Brooklyn docks in New York with the Manhattan skyline in the background.

Art - Workers and Unions

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