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Naomi Klein (1970- )Naomi Klein


Canadian management writer and campaigner against globalization and big business (pictured right).


Key books


No Logo (1999)

Global corporations (like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola) and their “global web” of logos and brands are harmful for these reasons:


1. No Space

Local culture and education being taken over by global brands and marketing.


2. No Choice

Global brands reduce consumer choice through:

  • market dominance (like Wal-Mart Stores).,
  • acquisitions of (or mergers with) local firms.
  • franchising (like Starbucks).
  • legal protection of global brand names to stop people criticizing them.


3. No Jobs

Global corporations:

  • are wealth creators not job creators, benefiting rich countries at the expense of poor ones.
  • transfer production to lower wage countries overseas.
  • offer part-time/temporary low paid, unskilled, stressful work (McJobs).
  • close local businesses.

People are suffering because of a “global web” of logos and brands (like Coca-Cola and Nike).


These three disadvantages of global corporations have led to...No Logo

The book’s title represents a protest movement against global corporations (particularly those with strong brand names).

This campaign promotes

  • local cultures and the environment.
  • the interests of ordinary people.
  • people's right to govern themselves rather than being exploited by global corporations.


Key quote on globalization

We are indeed connected to one another through a web of brands.



This Changes Everything (2014)

The only way to beat climate change is a revolution to overthrow capitalism and market economics .


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