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About us


About the author

Philip Holden is an experienced British business lecturer and writer who has written seven business books including:

Super Success (1996), a guide to personal development.

The Excellent Manager's Companion (1998) and The Excellent Manager's Business Library (1999) - analysis of business books and management topics.

Ethics for Managers (2000), a book on business ethics.


About WisdomTo Win.com


Its mission is:

To provide free business knowledge online to organizations and students enabling them to win with integrity.


So it is based on four pillars:


1.  Competence

Providing organizations and individuals with the skills and knowledge to succeed.


2. Conscience

Achieving success through ethics and integrity.


3. Competitiveness

How to beat competition from other companies and countries.


4. Climate  

Winning without damaging the environment.


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