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Jamie Oliver - Success and BusinessJamie Oliver - Success and Business


Jamie Oliver (1975- )


English TV chef (pictured right) and campaigner for healthy eating in Britain and America.


Why is he rich and successful?


1. Purpose and passion

Oliver is passionate about his two main aims:


a) fresh, healthy simple food (see points 2 and 3).

(that busy and poor people can easily cook)


b) helping other people to improve their lives

(because “it makes you feel brilliant”,he says) - see point 2.

 Jamie Oliver - Success and Business

2. Helping people

 In a 2002 TV series, Jamie’s Kitchen (pictured right is the DVD cover), he taught 15 unemployed young people how to cook, leading to the first Fifteen restaurant in London

Then other Fifteen restaurants opened in

  • Amsterdam, Holland.
  • Newquay, England.
  • Melbourne, Australia.

He is determined that these restaurants will help young people with problems like drugs and homelessness.


Jamie Oliver - Success and Business

3. Healthy eating campaigns

His campaign (“Feed Me Better”), to improve the quality and nutritional value of school meals in Britain started with the TV series, Jamie’s School Dinners, in a London high school.

His ban on junk food caused a student revolt, so he taught them about healthy eating, and the horrible things that went into convenience foods like chicken nuggets.

He ran a similar healthy eating campaign in Huntingdon, West Virginia, in the American TV series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (pictured right).


4. Charm and communication

He is a nice guy, who talks with integrity, enthusiasm and charm.


5. Learning

He has constantly learned about cooking from


a) his parents  

From the age of 11, he helped in the kitchen of his mother and father’s pub in Essex.

They encouraged him to be hard working and self-reliant.


b) education

At 16 he went to catering college and then studied cooking in France


c) work experienceJamie Oliver - Success and Business

Before his first TV series, The Naked Chef, in 1998, he worked at two London restaurants:

  • Neal Street restaurant (as head pastry chef)
  • River Café 

 Jamie Oliver - Success and Business

d) other chefs

(including TV chefs, Rick Stein ,pictured right above, and Gordon Ramsay, pictured right),


e) his mistakes

(which he admits he makes all the time).

 Jamie Oliver - Success and Business

6. Family

He is happily married to Juliette (pictured right together) with his son, Buddy Bear, and three daughters, Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo and Petal.

He has long hours, but he keeps his weekends free, if possible, and takes as much holiday as he can.


7. Enterprise

He loves doing new things and taking risks.

“I love anything creative”, he says.

Aged 11, he started renting other children’s lockers at school, and then sold sweets from them, earning £30 a week!


8. Energy, determination and self-motivation


Oliver (pictured right below in 2014) is:


a) conscientiousJamie Oliver - Success and Business

He pushes himself extremely hard, working long hours


b) self-confident

(despite being dyslexic and in the bottom class in everything except art at school).


c) self-motivated

He is passionate about his cooking and learning new things.


Key quote on objectives and vision

All I ever wanted to do was to make food accessible to everyone.


Key quote on learning

There is always something new and amazing to learn – I love it!


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