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Meredith Belbin Meredith Belbin (1926- )


British expert on management teams (pictured right).


Key book


The Management of Teams (1981)

Successful teams must have the ability to effectively carry out eight roles:


1. Plant 

Creative, imaginative and problem solver.


2. Resource investigator 

Enthusiastic communicator and explorer of opportunities.


3. Co-ordinator 

Chairperson, delegator and objective setter.


4. Shaper 

Motivator and instigator of change.


5. Monitor evaluator 

Identifier of options who objectively evaluates them.


6. Teamworker 

Co-operative listener and promoter of team spirit.


7. Implementer 

Conscientious organizer who turns ideas into action.


8. Completer 

Anxious perfectionist who sees things through.


Belbin added a ninth role in a later book:


9. Specialist 

Dedicated provider of knowledge and skills.


Key quote

It is not the individual but the team that is the instrument of sustained and enduring success in management (from the foreword by the English management writer, Antony Jay)

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