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Art - Stress and Pain


Edvard Munch, The Scream (1893)

This has become the iconic image of the stress and pain of modern life.

 Art - Stress and Pain



John Singer Sargent, Two Girls Lying on the Grass (1889) 

Two girls relaxing...

Art - Stress and Pain


Rembrandt, Self-Portrait (1669)

A self-portrait painted just before he died.

It expresses his:

  • life's anguish.
  • fatigue.

Rembrandt's wife died in 1663, and he was made bankrupt in 1657.

Art - Stress and Pain 


Edward Hooper, Nighthawks (1942)

Loneliness and sadness in a city diner late at night.

Notice the diner has no door, emphasizing the feeling of emotional isolation.

Art - Stress and Pain



George Tooker, Subway (1950)

This shows the stress, anxiety and loneliness of modern life.

Art - Stress and Pain



L.S. Lowry, Head of a Man with Red Eyes (1938)

Self-portrait of Lowry (famous for industrial landscapes like The Pond) - shows the:

  • strain from his father's death.
  • pain of his invalid mother's approaching death.
  • fear of loneliness.

 Art - Stress and Pain




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